Monday, August 08, 2005

Love It Or Hate It -- Part 1

By Nick Faris
Red Line Corp. Writer

You can say it's just a breakaway contest. A useless 1-on-1 tournament. An individual doing things that should be done by a team.

Yes, you can hate the shootout, one of the new implementations in the revolutionized NHL. You can hate it like its a combination of Gary Bettman, Bob Goodenow, and Tie Domi. However, love it or hate it, its there...and I love it!

In the new, supposedly improved NHL, the shootout will be utilized after a 5-minute OT period, if the game is tied fter regulation, of course. Should the OT not find a winner, a shootout will!

Remember these words of wisdom: "A tie is like kissing your sister." With the shootout, that won't happen. Ties have been thrown down along with the Berlin Wall and Saddam. Three men from each team (not five, three) will shoot on the opposing netminder to decide who gets the W. Now, there is the age-old chant of hockey being a team game and not a breakaway contest. However, what is more exciting than one breakaway deciding a tight game, with all on the line? We loved the shootout at the 1994 and '98 Olympics, didn't we? So what if it didn't benefit Canada? It was exciting all the while! And at the 2003 All-Star Game, when OT finished in a tie, instead of pulling a Bud Selig, the NHL allowed a shootout! That was great, wasn't it?

Besides, Detroit fans, your team doesn't have to pick Brendan Shanahan as a shooter. I'm sure each team can find three capable shootout scorers.

Which brings me to the, "Part One," part of the headline. Tomorrow, seeing as this is a Canadian column, I will give out the names of the shooters I would pick if I was Marc Crawford, Darryl Sutter, Craig MacTavish, Pat Quinn, Bryan Murray, and Claude Julien. Stay tuned folks. Get ready for the shootout, coming October 5th!


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